Cleopatra Slot Machine

Cleopatra Slot Machine

With a slogan like “Experience the mysteries of ancient Egypt,” it is extremely difficult to go wrong with the Cleopatra slot machine. With so many different options available when picking a slot machine, choosing the right one can seem daunting. The search can officially end however with the introduction of the Cleopatra game. Icons based around the ancient Egyptian culture include a scarab, hieroglyphic eye, sphinx, and even the queen herself will provide hours of amusement.

There are many excellent features of the game but first the style of play should be examined. This slot features three rows and five columns that allow for a maximum of twenty lines for play. This game is fast paced that keeps players involved with so many options to win. Put simply, more lines means more fun and more chances to win, especially when combined with the Cleopatra bonus.

The Bonus available earns fifteen free spins with a payout rate of three times the normal value. The actual value will depend on the initial bet and the maximum is set by the casino with the minimum initial bet being one cent per line. Free spins are triggered by the sphinx symbol appearing anywhere within the game. A sphinx symbol located in any position on two or more reels will trigger what is called the scatter award. With more than two sphinx symbols, the fifteen free spins are triggered and the scatter award multiplier gets larger. More than three of these symbols are possible and simply increase the multiplier available. As if the original fifteen free spins are not enough, spinning two or more sphinxes even during bonus play triggers yet another fifteen free spins that will be added to the remaining amount.

Watching for sphinxes are not the only thing players will need to watch for however. Wild Cleopatra icons can be used as any other icon to win a line and double the payout when contained within a winning line. Just one is good, but getting all five triggers the maximum possible payout. As a rule though, the jackpot cannot be multiplied during free play but can still be won. Not to be discouraged though, the bonus round will provide winning for free and the wilds can be used to double an individual lines winnings even in free play. Clearly, winning big at this machine is easy and quite common for everybody’s enjoyment.

Gaming will never be the same with the Cleopatra slot machine game. While playing you will be entertained with exotic Middle Eastern music and the voice of the queen herself will help narrate the game and keep the player informed of new developments. Availability is widespread and while the game originated in Las Vegas, it is now available throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. In fact, this game has become so popular there are versions circulating on the internet that allow users to play for free in the United States and play for money in the United Kingdom.

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