Antique Mills Jennings Slot Machine for Sale

Antique Mills Jennings Slot Machine for Sale

If you are in the market for old style slot machines, there is no better place to go than the internet. Online retailers of these products offer a wide assortment of different name brand slots for sale to include the Anttique Mills slot machine lineup, Jennings, Watling and more. Prices of these products vary according to the type, size and design you desire. There are slot machine designs for both collectors and hobbyists alike through online dealers.

Antique slot machines for sale, here we offer a guarantee for original buyers and they will ship your product anywhere in the continental U.S. for only $145.00. San Diego Antique Slots is yet another site you can peruse for the purchase or repair of antique slot machines. They carry an extensive line up of classic Mills slot machine brands at competitive prices. These are but two of many online sites that offer genuine deals on slot machine products. Whether you are a collector or dabble in slot machinery as a hobby, you can comparison shop online to find the best price for the item of your dreams and buy accordingly.

Mills slot machines became famous during the Great Depression days. Old timers of the slot machine world will discover some of the more well known Mills designs through internet dealers. Some of the 25 cent models include the Mills 1935 Castle Front design, the 1931 War Eagle design and the Mills 1945 Black Cherry. Prices of these machines range from $2,100 to $2,700. Each of these designs are authentic models, which offer all the excitement and joy of old time slot playing. The one cent and five cent slots from Mills are also available in their respective designs and categories. Yet other memorable designs include names such as Copper Extraordinaire and Dewey Double. The Dewey Double design was much loved as it played favorite tunes of the times as people used it.

Before purchasing antique slot machines, you should research your options carefully to ensure you are receiving the “real deal.” Investing in antique slot machines as part of a collection or hobby can be quite expensive. Therefore, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth with each purchase. If you are a new collector, you may want to learn more about the subject before spending your money. Many libraries and bookstores sell books and guides, which give excellent counsel on how to identify authentic slots as well as what to avoid. The better informed you are about these products the better chances you have of getting the best deals.

Old time slot machines offer great entertainment for the whole family. Antique models are more rare to find than refurbished designs. They are considered collector’s items and are generally much more costly to buy. A refurbished Mills slot machine will cost less, though still quite an investment, and will be easier to find. Shopping online has its advantages as you can find greater variety of these items than local stores have to offer. You can also comparison shop for the best deals.

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