Antique Slot Machines

Antique Slot Machines

Many of us have our own game rooms in our homes and have added features such as a pool table, a wet bar and a big screen television to make the room more fun for our families and our guests. The one item that many people are now adding to their game rooms in increasing numbers is antique slot machines. While some industry experts will tell you that this means any slot that is older than five years, the one that people are actively seeking are those that date back to the first half of the last century. These antique slot machines evoke an air of nostalgia, a time when electronic gaming was unheard of and you walked into casino to the whirr of spinning slot machine wheels and the ringing of jackpot bells.

These machines were all mechanical and operated by the pull of the lever on the side. While you could easily settle for going to an online casino and playing the video slots or depending on the gaming system you own buy a disc to play slots on your television set, it does not compare to the real thing. There are so many different variations of antique slot machines to choose from, many of which have already spent years in some of the most famous casinos in the country. These older style slots were made with plenty of attention to detail. When the slot machines that were built in the early days of casinos were designed, they were crafted as a work of art. They were not simple steel boxes that housed a machine used for gambling. You will find that there are many places that deal in antique slot machines and as you browse through their catalogs the first thing you are likely to notice is the artistry that went into designed not only the case of the machine, but the faceplate and the pictures on the reels.

Like many items created during this time the designers were true artists and strove to create memorable machines that they expected to last for many years. In contrast to antique slot machines, those that are being built today are far less artistic and only expected to remain in mainstream use for a very short period of time. Most casinos are finding that the only way they can keep their customers interested s to continuously offer them new machines to play. The average turnover rate today is 2 to 5 years and those machines are either destroyed or refurbished for smaller casinos. If you are interested in antiques slot machines for your home game room, take a close look at the variety of machines available at Slot Machines for Sale. Every antique machine that they offer for sale has been completely refurbished. All castings have been either nickel or gold plated and all mechanical parts inspected and plated to prevent corrosion. Each machine has been lovingly restored to like new condition and is fully functional, providing your game room with a slot machine that will give you many years of pleasure.

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