Slot Machines For Sale

Slot Machines For Sale

When you are interested in equipping your bar or club with a slot machine you have two choices, you can buy a new machine for several thousand dollars or you can look at used slot machines for sale and do your best to select slots that are going to last long enough to give you a decent return on your investment. If you look at new slots you are going to get a machine that comes with a full warranty and being brand new, you know it is going to work. You can find used slot machines for sale that are going to give you the same results for a fraction of the cost. The hardest part of buying a used machine is finding one that you can trust will give you the service you desire. If you are going to buy used then you should only consider buying from a reputable dealer that specializes in refurbishing slot machines. This is the one way you have of being sure that each used slot machine you invest in will continue to provide you many years of good service.

At Slot Machines for Sale you will find a team of dedicated technicians who have been fully trained in all areas of repair and refurbishing. Every machine that they take in is thoroughly cleaned and inspected when it comes in. No machine is ever sold in an “as is” condition to assure that only quality slot machines are sold to their customers. While their technicians have the machine apart they will rebuild the pull arm with all new wear parts so that it operates as smoothly as the day it was first built. Any broken glass will be replaced and burned out or broken light bulbs will be replaced. The tape strips on the reels will be inspected for fading or damage and replaced as necessary. The EPROM chips are replaced with brand new units to make sure that the machine is fully reset and ready to go.

Added security comes in the form of a high security door lock with a set of keys that are given to you when the machine is delivered. You will also get a jackpot reset key and a top light/jackpot candle. Slot Machines for Sale will also provide you with a four page instruction manual and if you wish to purchase it there is an 84 page IGT manual available for you to buy. Each of these machines has to pass a 35 point inspection before it is offered up for sale to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. When you buy from Slot Machines for Sale you will get a machine that looks and functions as well as it did when it was brand new. There may be a few flaws in its physical appearance, but each machine comes with a one year warranty that covers all parts. To make sure you continue to be satisfied you get lifetime technical support and tips to help you get the most out of your investment. You can be sure that ever slot machine you buy from Slot Machines for Sale is the highest quality available and will give you years of flawless performance.

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