Touchscreen Slot Machine

Touchscreen Slot Machine

The slot machine has now been around for about 113 years and has undergone very several changes since the original Liberty Bell machine was invented by Charles Fey in 1897. The concept is still the same; you place your bet and then watch the reels spin in hopes of the winning combination lining up on the pay line. The latest changes to the old one arm bandit include the new touchscreen slot machine that is beginning to show up in many casinos. According to a recent survey over 70% of all income generated by the average casino comes from its banks of slot machines. For many years all slot machines looked very similar as they featured three mechanical reels with various images on them that are set into movement with the pull of a single lever on the side.

Modern technology however has been slowly creeping into the scene as the touchscreen slot machine is starting to show up in the newer casinos. The new touchscreen slot machine provides a new experience for the slots player. While there are those who still prefer the feel and look of the standard mechanical slot machine, this new technology is starting to become very popular. Perhaps this is because of the much wider range of games that can be programmed into the LCD screen or maybe it is because it takes far less effort to play. In the end it really does not matter, suffice to say that you can expect to see far more of these machines appearing in casinos and bars wherever slots are legal. One distinct advantage to a touchscreen slot machine is its size. Where the standard mechanical slot machines were a somewhat large and heavy machine that had to be placed on a stand that could support the weight, the new electronic machines are light enough to set anywhere. Most of these machines are designed to make use of the latest in electronic payment cards and payout in either credits or paper tickets making it much easier for both the casino and the players.

Not all of these machines are designed to be set on a table top; many of them are designed to look the same as any normal mechanical slot machine. This will help to keep the appearance of normality of the standard slots that is so important to many casinos. The average screen size of the touchscreen slot machine is approximately 19 inches making it big enough that anyone can see the images on the screen. If you are looking for a touchscreen slot machine for your bar or casino you need to contact Slot Machines for Sale. This company specializes in fully refurbished slot machines. They buy used slot machines and go through them with a fine tooth comb, fixing anything that is wrong with them before offering them for sale. All of the slot machines come with a one year warranty and lifetime tech support. You also get an instruction manual and all orders over $1,000 are shipped free of charge.

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