IGT Slot Machines

IGT Slot Machines

The number of casinos in the US is continuing to grow as mores states are legalizing casinos as a way to raise much needed tax money. While the concept of gambling and casinos is nothing new, Vegas has been in business legally since the 30s, it still takes innovation to get gamblers to try out new casinos and even more so to keep them coming back. No self respecting casino would exist without banks of one arm bandits, among the many manufacturers of these stands IGT Slot Machines. For many years the industry giant in the manufacture of slots was Bally, they are no longer at the top even though they still remain one of the more popular brands.

IGT Slot Machines are now considered to be the largest manufacturer of slots in the world and supply most major casinos in this country and around the world with dozens of styles and designs that will keep the customers coming back for more and spending their money. International Gaming Technology or IGT Slot Machines is considered to be a very large multinational corporation with offices spread out across the globe. They have been responsible for several innovations in the slot machine world including EZ Pay which was the first paper ticket pay out system in widespread use in the world. They also spearheaded the wide area progressive slots systems that are currently in use in many casinos around the world allowing for multimillion dollar jackpots. Of all the different IGT slot machines on the market, the S2000 model is still one of their most popular. You will find thousands of these slot machines located in casinos around the globe. Despite the number of high tech video slots that dazzle the eyes and grab the younger crowd’s attention, many casino visitors still prefer the good old fashioned feel of a pull lever, spinning reel machine.

This is where the S2000 shines as it offers the customer the feel they are looking for and the owner the digital convenience he needs to be able to run his casino successfully. When you are looking at IGT slot machines for your casino, you are looking at a company that is well known for cutting edge technology in the gaming industry. The S2000 model uses the latest 80960 processor to provide the owner with the accuracy he needs and the customer with the solid, honest gaming experience he has a right to expect. These are among t he most popular machines on the market and can be purchased new directly from the manufacturer or used from a variety of sources. If you are interested in equipping your casino with a variety of IGT slot machines you might want to consider talking to the sales staff at Slot Machines for Sale. Here you will find a selection of fully reconditioned slot machines that look and operate as well as they did when they were brand new. The mechanics have been inspected and refurbished and the eprom chip has been replaced to make sure that you and your customers enjoy many hours of uninterrupted fun.

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