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The old times when life was simple brought us the most elegant form of gambling – retro slot machines. These retro slot machines were interesting, nice and as simple as they could’ve been. They had a what we call today, vintage look, and they were a great source of excitement and entertainment for many gambling savvies. Contrary to new and modern slots, the old retro slot machines had nothing shiny, and, yet they were really aesthetically pleasing.

This is exactly what our page is about, and welcome. We know the value of retro slot machines and we dedicated special attention to the beauty of them. So, if you are interested in vintage stuff, and especially retro slot machines, stay with us.

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The History and Evolution

The history of old slot machines dates back from early in the 1891, when the company Sittman and Pitt created the first ever slot machines. This old game had 5 drums and a total of 50 playing cards, and it could be found in many bars and restaurants. Similar to slot games now, this game was cheap and cost a nickel to play it, and players could’ve win a lot of real money on it, just like now. The method of playing was simple, even on this old machine – players insert their coins, and pull the lever to play.

Payouts were made for lining up poker hands on the reels. However, unlike newer slots games, these old games usually didn’t had direct payout mechanism, and wins were paid at the bar in the form of non-monetary prizes, like free drinks or cigars.

The development of slots games turned a turn, when the first slot machine with automatic payout was invented – this was the Liberty Bell slot machine. This one was created somewhere between 1887 and 1895. This old game had 5 drums and 3 reels, and only 5 symbols: spades, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes and a liberty bell. This machine wasn’t patented, and it eventually led to many other slot machines being invented.

For many more years, slot machines were purely mechanical. Players pulled down a lever to play the game, and the manual approach gave out a feeling that players had control in the game – this is why the name “one armed bandits” came into existence.

However, the old game Money Honey from the Bally manufacturer was the first electromechanical slot, and it was created in 1964. It involved pulling the lever, but it was operated entirely electrically. This took a turn in the development of slots, as the first video slot was created in 1976, and this was a huge win for most casinos, and ultimately led to the online casinos slot games, that we know of today. The modern slot games have in-game bonuses and incredible graphics, sound effects and features that suit the modern day we live in.

The Best Vintage and Old Slot Machines

Vintage and old slot machines are really hard to stumble upon, especially since they marked the start of a new era in the USA casinos and especially in Las Vegas. The USA casinos throughout the state worked hard to have as much as possible of these old slot machines, and they were a huge hit amongst the audiences, in fact, for a large point of time, Las Vegas visitors were only interested in slots machines and nothing else. Today, stumbling upon these machines is even harder, as they are considered really valuable and they are hard to find.

But, if you like having your own collection, we have suggestions on which pieces you must have at home:

  1. Liberty Bell Slot
  2. Primadona Slot
  3. Whirlwind Slot
  4. Jennings Club Chief nickel slot
  5. Draw Poker by IGT

Most Popular Retro Slots Games

If you like playing the old games but cannot find one, you have a great alternative with online casinos, as these are the new trend amongst slot games lovers. Legal online casinos are great because they are convenient and offer an abundance of casino games to choose from, including old slot games. You can access these legal online casinos from a browser or a mobile phone, and you can play some of the best paying slot games. Besides this, online casinos give out great casino bonuses which is quite handy. You can try playing the games using these casino bonuses, as this is one of their purposes. For instance, the no deposit casino bonus allows you to play the games for free and win real money in return.

But finding the best casino games with vintage themes is hard. This is why, we have the top 5 best casino themed retro slot machines that you must try:

  1. Creature from the Black Lagoon
  2. Rubiks Riches
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Reel Rush
  5. SafeCracker

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